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Welsh Retreats and Day Courses

Alltfechan Barn offers a wonderful antidote to the madness of everyday life. There is time unwind, walk across fields and hills, discuss and practice on a deeper level, while enjoying beautiful scenery and simple local food. The Barn is set high on a hillside rooted in the ancient and modern landscape; the valley is dotted with busy working farms, age old drove routes wind along the ridges, while high points are marked with standing stones and hill forts.

Qi Gong & Tuina Summer Camp

7th - 13th August 2021

Join me, Rosey Grandage and two of my favourite and highly skilled colleagues: Sandra Hill and Ann Bradford, in Wales for a week of study, practice, discussion and sharing.

Having been practicing and teaching tuina and qi gong for around 30 years and having worked through the last year of madness, I am now more keen than ever to share my skills, knowledge and experience with everyone who wants to learn.

Over the years I have worked closely with Sandra and Ann at Westminster University and teaching on short courses.

Sandra has a really in depth knowledge of the classical texts which underpin Chinese medicine, you may well know her from her Monkey Press books and the work she does with Elizabeth Rochat de la Vallee, she is also an artist and film maker.

Ann has a wonderful knowledge of the practice of Chinese medicine and, in particular, treating children and young people and she is also an artist. 

Tuina is such a useful skill to use alongside acupuncture - both for diagnosis and treatment and the style I practice and teach is a gentle, classical one with a strong emphasis on understanding and working with qi.

This intense, revitalising week, in a beautiful setting, is open to Chinese medicine and shiatsu practitioners of all levels of practice and experience 

You'll learn practical skills: diagnosis, palpation, tuina; we'll practice qi gong and share and discuss knowledge and experience. It will also be a chance to rebalance and get back in touch with nature, camp under the stars, go for walks, cook and eat together, stretch and exercise together, stare into space .....

Bring a tent or stay in a local B&B

Cost £150 for the week.







Qi Gong, Walking & Discussion Weekend Retreats

The scenary and space of the Brecon Beacons is the perfect place to practice qi gong and connect with nature and the natural world. During these weekends we practice a simple, deep form of qi gong - some standing exercises, some stretches, some still meditation; we walk through the hills following old drove routes, connecting with ancient standing stones, rivers and trees. We discuss, explore ideas and eat together.

Feel revitalised, balanced and inspired.

Suitable for all levels.acupuncture brecon physiotherapy

Venue: Pont-Faen, Brecon, Powys

Cost for the weekend: £175 includes locally sourced, seasonal food. Accomodation is available

Qi Gong Stretching

Relax and release your body through stretching and self-massage. Learn how to treat and rebalance your muscles, joints and simple conditions. Stretching, done simply and slowly, improves circulation, releases tension, improves posture and makes you feel good. Combined with the mindfulness of qi gong and gentle massage techniques you can discover a much deeper level of relaxation and balance; gain a good understanding of how your body feels and how to make it feel better.

Suitable for all levels 

Cost: £10 per class

Venue: Pont-Faen, Brecon, Powys

Qi Gong Yang Sheng

Yang sheng – nourishing life – is an ancient Chinese idea which considers all aspects of life. We’ll spend the day practicing simple qigong exercise and exploring ways of nourishing ourselves through eating, dress, colour and living in tune with the seasons. The practice of yang sheng dates back until at least the 7th century and is central to the Chinese approach to health and the practice of qi gong.

TBA 10am – 5pmQi Gong Spring

Venue: Pont-Faen, Brecon, Powys

Cost: £60,  includes lunch

Accomodation is available if you want to make a weekend trip

Wei Syndrome: A practical approach grounded in qi gong and classical texts

Basing our exploration in the classical texts, this will be a practical weekend exploring wei syndrome through cases, palpation and qi gong.

Dates: September Weekend TBC Please let us know if you are interested.

Venue: Pont-Faen, Brecon, Powys

Cost: £175. Includes locally sourced, seasonal food.