qi gong1Qi Gong

Classes teaching simple exercises, stretches and meditation techniques. Qi gong is an ancient Chinese system of self-treatment based on the idea that the body is formed of both physical and energetic (qi) aspects. The exercises help to rebalance the body on both levels and to connect with the energy of nature and the world on a wider scale. This is a deep and effective form of self-treatment and relaxation.

Suitable for all levels.

Fridays 9.30 – 10.30am
£10 per session

Wednesday 7 – 8pm Once a month. For practitioners and students of Chinese medicine – come and practice qi gong, discuss qi, diagnosis and treatments.

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YogaAgi Yoga 1

Agi’s classes encompass the whole of the Hatha yoga experience. She combines Hatha yoga with Vinyasa flow focusing on breath and movement connection. She strongly believes that yoga is for everyone and tailors her class to the fitness and energy levels of those who she is teaching.

Suitable for all levels.

Tuesdays 6.45-7.45pm
£50 for five classes
£12 for a single class

Feldenkrais 1Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Classes

The Feldenkrais Method can help improve balance, coordination and sense of wellbeing and improve our ability to undertake all our daily activities more comfortably. During the class you will use directed attention and sequences of movement to explore and notice your internal sensations; this can help release chronic patterns of tension and create new movement possibilities.

Classes are suitable for people of all levels of physical fitness and ability; most classes are done lying down, so you need to be able to lie on the floor and get up and down from the floor.


Tuesdays 11am-12
Wednesdays 6.30-7.30pm
£50 for five classes
£10 for a single class