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Rosey Grandage
Lead Practitioner Rosey Grandage started her professional career as a Chartered Physiotherapist (St Mary’s Hospital 1989) and then in 1991 went to China to study acupuncture, tuina Chinese massage and qi gong for two years, training at both government colleges and as an apprentice.

For nearly thirty years she has been treating patients, running classes and teaching acupuncture, tuina and qi gong. Most of the practitioners at Apothecary Natural Health Centre studied with her at some point in their careers.

Rosey has a very wide range of experience of treating everything from musculo-skeletal conditions: back, neck and joint pain, sports injuries, different types of arthritis, traumatic injuries; to internal conditions: headaches and migraine, IBS, fertility issues, neurological conditions such as MS, head injury and stroke rehab, sleep problems, stress and anxiety etc.

Her treatments offer a unique combination of tuina massage, acupuncture, physio techniques and lifestyle advice and always focus on the whole person as a constantly changing individual. She really enjoys working with people to find solutions and improve their lives.

She has worked in the NHS, including providing acupuncture as part of the pain management centre at St Thomas' Hospital, and in private practice since 1994. During the recent Covid19 outbreak she has returned to the NHS volunteering with CNWL NHS Trust and training as a Critical Care Bed Buddy with Imperial NHS Trust.

For 17 years she taught acupuncture, tuina and qi gong on BSc Acupuncture course at the University of Westminster and in 1999 set up a diploma in Qi Gong Tuina at the university. In 2002 she started Prospect Chinese Medicine and Physiotherapy Centre in Hammersmith and Prospect Seminars which organises seminars for students and practitioners of Chinese medicine. In 2006 Prospect moved across the road and became Apothecary Natural Health Centre. Here she has gathered a team of experienced and newly qualified practitioners focused on providing expert care for the local community.

She continues to teach tuina Chinese massage, running courses at Apothecary NHC in London and Wales and ICOM (International College of Oriental Medicine) in East Grindstead. Every Friday morning she runs a qi gong class which is open to all at Apothecary NHC in London.

She has sat on the Executive Committee of the British Acupuncture Council, more recently was a member of the Governing Board, leading on strategy development and was a long time member of the Professional Conduct Committee. She has a particular interest in governance and safe practice and has worked with the Welsh Assembly on their development of safe practice regulation for special procedures.

She has published articles on qi gong and the treatment of children in The European Journal of Oriental Medicine, written articles on acupuncture for the BBC/Open University website open2.net and the physiotherapy journal In Touch. Recently she has published an artilcle on tuina Chinese massage in The Journal of the Acupuncture Association of Chartered Physiotherapists. She has appeared on LBC radio.

At Apothecary she also runs Apothecary Gallery; a community interest company art gallery which provides affordable exhibition space for young artists, local artists and work which raises awareness of conservation and the environment.

She has a strong interest and concern for conservation and the environment and was Chair of Brecknock Wildlife Trust. Here she lead the merger with its bigger neighbour the Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales, where she has continued as a trustee.

Rosey is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, and the British Acupuncture Council.

As a Chartered Physiotherapist Rosey is recognised by most Private Health Insurersance companies (currently a non-practicing member)
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Alex Kamilov is a graduate of the University of Westminster. He is a member of BAcC and he has been working as acupuncturist and Tuina massage therapist for more then 5 years. Since graduation in 2014 Alex has been enriching his skills by attending seminars and work shops.

Alex has a particular interest in treating a wide range of musculo-skeletal conditions and follows the ‘tangible acupuncture’ approach in which patients feels immediate results after the treatment. During his treatment sessions Alex combines acupuncture, tuina massage and lifestyle advice to maximise efficacy of the treatment. Alex believes that positive treatment results can only be achieved when both the patient and practitioner are actively involved in the healing process.

Alex (with Jurgita) is now running the low cost clinic at Apothecary for acupuncture and Tuina massage on Saturdays from 11am to 6pm.
Cheryll graduated from the London School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1989 and then completed a postgraduate clinical course at Nanjing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China. She qualified in Swedish massage in 1984 and went onto further develop her skills by studying tuina massage from 1992-92 and again in 1996. She is qualified in Facial Acupuncture also Japanese Acupuncture.

She qualified as an autogenic training practitioner in 2002. Autogenic training is a method of deep mental relaxation and can be used to resolve many problems and to enhance the progress of other treatments. In addition she holds a certificate in counselling skills and attitudes.

She has taught advanced massage techniques to therapists and continues to teach on the Qi Gong Tuina Diploma at the University of Westminster.

Member of the British Acupuncture Council, MBAS
Janine Paul
Janine is a South African trained physiotherapist who qualified in 2003 from the University of Durban Westville working in hospitals and clinics treating adults and paediatrics for musculoskeletal, vascular and neurological conditions before she moved over to England in 2006 where she's worked in occupational therapy roles in different parts of the country.

Janine is a highly motivated, confident and competent physiotherapist with extensive experience (18 years) in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy possessing excellent communication and client facing skills which together assists in assessing her client’s needs in order to diagnose the condition and then devise a suitable treatment plan. Her approach is mainly natural - that is a “hands-on” treatment which includes soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, spinal manipulation using essential oils.

Janine also has a passion for empowering the immune system. Janine loves living life to the full - whether she's in church, martial arts, dancing or singing.

She believes the body requires to be treated holistically - mind, body and soul all need to be in perfect harmony for healing to take place

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